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If you have questions or problems while completing this form, please contact Natasha Singer at [email protected] or at 651-647-0191 ext. 348.

Marketplace & Bazaar Information

Who is providing general liability insurance for your booth?

If your insurance expires before the event, please upload your current, valid insurance proof. The Festival will require current, valid proof of insurance to be submitted before the participant can set up at the event.

Own insurance Buying insurance through FON ($100)

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Booth Merchandise Inventory

Please provide a list of all merchandise you are planning to sell in your Bazaar booth. This request is necessary to assure that all items being sold fit culturally with the ethnic group and are not considered dangerous. REMINDER: Items being sold should be appropriate in nature and are a direct representation of the Festival. The Festival of Nations Bazaar Committee maintains the right to have items that do not comply with the Policy and Procedures manual removed from a booth at any time. If further violations occur the Festival of Nations Director will be consulted and further action will be taken.

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Attach your Operator Certificate of Compliance (MN Revenue ST-19 form)

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