Introductory Scripts for World Stage Dance Groups

[including Adult, Children & Teen PLUS Adult Additional Time and Student Day performances if different]


If you are unable to complete this form through the on-line system email the completed form to: [email protected] or mail or deliver to the Festival of Nations Office, ATTN: World Stage Committee, 1694 Como Ave, St. Paul, MN 55108

Two options for creating scripts:

Option 1

Write your own introductory script. Please refer to the Writing Guidelines section for tips on writing an effective introduction. Highlight aspects of your dances that are unique or give it meaning. Include descriptive adjectives. Keep your script short (six sentences or fewer), interesting, and easy to understand. Email your script to [email protected] in either the body of the email or as an attached document.

Option 2

Complete the below questionnaire form to share information about your dances. Provide as much information as you can. The editor will compose a script for you, based on this information. Submit the questionnaire by the due date and the script editor will provide it to you for review before the March technical rehearsals. If the completed questionnaire is not received by the due date, we cannot guarantee there will be time for you to review it prior to the Tech Rehearsals.

Please provide pronunciation of names and terms used from your ethnic language. Separate syllables with hyphens, and indicate the accented syllable with capital letters. Example:fo-NET-i-kal-ly. Keep in mind, we have yet to find an announcer that is fluent in all languages or dialects of the Festival performers. They try their best but the more names and terms used, the greater chance for mispronunciation.

Questions: please contact [email protected]

Optional Questionnaire for Introductory Scripts

Adult Children Teen Student Day Additional Time

Dance Information

Fill out as much as you can. If set contains more than one dance, CHANGE one to three.
  • Dance # 1
  • Dance # 2
  • Dance # 3

Dance # 1

Dance # 2

Dance # 3

If you have additional dances, utilizing the format from above – email to [email protected]

Festival of Nations: World Stage



Purpose of a Dance Introduction:

The introductory script prepares the audience for what they’re about to see. It helps focus their attention on the dance floor. A good introduction informs the audience about points of interest or features of the dance, giving them something to watch for. Finally, the introduction provides cover while the dancers walk out onstage, helping maintain the continuous flow of the performance.

Qualities of a well-written introduction:

  1. CONCISE. Above all the introduction needs to be brief and to the point. Six sentences (or fewer) is sufficient. Shorter still for children’s groups or groups that enter to music.
  2. INTERESTING AND INFORMATIVE. The best narrations paint a picture, tell a story, or highlight something unique about the dance and its meaning.
    1. Things to include: meaning of the dance; notable points of interest regarding music, ethnic clothing, or choreography; occasion where the dance is usually performed; tone or character of the dance (e.g. elegant, raucous, flirtatious)
    2. Things to avoid: A dry listing of only the dance names and places of origin, excessive information about the dance group, generalized statements or truisms that apply to any ethnic group or dance.
  3. ORIGINAL. Avoid plagiarizing (for example, copying word for word from Wikipedia). Scripts are fact checked by the editor.
  4. UNDERSTANDABLE. Minimize use of ethnic names or terminology. Ethnic words get lost on the audience, have the effect of shutting down attention, and make the announcer’s job difficult. Consider using English translations instead. Provide phonetics for difficult words. EXAMPLE: fo-NET-i-kal-ly.