We regret to announce the Festival of Nations is permanently canceled.
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Bring your school to the Festival of Nations and satisfy your curiosity and wonder about world cultures in one place!

Held annually in May, the Festival of Nations, is Minnesota’s oldest multicultural festival. Since 1932 the Festival of Nations has been inspiring teachers and students to be active, informed, and responsible citizens of the world. 


Get your passport stamped when you “travel” around the Cultural Exhibits and interact with the Festival of Nations’ staff and volunteers. Passports purchased in advance are $1.00 for adults, youth, and kids and can be purchased on the same order as tickets. Passports can also be purchased during the Festival at the Information booth.                                                                                                                                           


Naturalization Process:

  1. Submit a naturalization application (form N-400) with required documents.
  2. Attend a biometrics appointment.
  3. In order to became a U.S. citizens, an applicant must pass an interview with United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Applicant has to demonstrate their knowledge of the English language and civics requirements for naturalization. Do you have what it takes to pass the test? Find out!
  4. Attend an Oath Ceremony and become a U.S. citizen!

What are benefits of becoming a U.S. citizen? Your students can print this worksheet out and complete it.

Travel the Festival:

Grab this boarding pass as it will aid your and your students’ journey around Cultural Exhibits.

There are many ways to say thank you in different languages. See how many you can use during your visit!

Frequently Asked Questions 


The Festival of Nations’ student and teacher programming is made possible by cooperation and partnership of over 90 ethnic groups and intercultural organizations from Minnesota such as Green Card Voices, Wellstone International High School, Story Arts Minnesota, Youth for Human Rights, and Immigration History Research Center (IHRC) at University of Minnesota.

The educational programming includes in-depth learning of foreign cultures through studying historical facts, reading immigrants’ stories, listening to international music, learning ethnic dances, speaking foreign languages, and observing the making of world art and craft.

To broaden our educational perspective, every year the Festival of Nations chooses a new theme to reflect upon. The 2020 Festival of Nations’ theme is Real People, Real Stories, Our Minnesota Communities. 



Experience the taste of authentic ethnic cuisine at 30+ International Cafes. Order a Food Flight and sample dishes from 5 participating cafes of your choice!


Visit 50+ International Bazaars to admire ethnic art and craft or purchase a gift for a loved one.


Witness centuries-old and contemporary Folk Art Demonstrations such as Mongolian Yurt Building or Senegalese Pottery Making.


Learn fascinating facts about World Festivals and Celebrations at 40+ Cultural Exhibits. Also, attend Exhibit Awards and Flag Ceremony.


Watch breathtaking local and international child, teen, and adult dance performances. Listen to ethnic instrumental music and singing. Learn how to dance yourself with our “Learn-A-Dance” lessons!