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2019 Featured Performances

Featured Visiting Group Performances

 Heritage Colombien

Heritage Colombien are coming to us from Ottawa, Canada. Heritage Colombien’s mission is to “offer and promote the arts, and Latin cultural activities such as dance, visual arts, music and Spanish.” Come see the dances of Colombia! 

Sunday, May 5
at 5:00 pm World Stage (Roy Wilkins Auditorium)

Khmer Mix Martial Artists

Join the National Khmer Legacy Museum- Cambodian Museum& Performing Arts Center as they present mixed martial arts from Kampuchea.

Saturday, May 4
at 4:00 pm & 8 pm World Stage (Roy Wilkins  Auditorium)

                                                                                        Four Regions of Thailand

This performance will immerse you in the rich and diverse culture of Thailand. They will be performing “Four Regions of Thailand.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Friday, May 3 at 11 am& 1 pm World Stage (Roy Wilkins Auditorium); Saturday, May 4 at 1:30 pm& 3:30 pm Atrium Stage

                                                                                                                In addition, check below for a list of performances.


2019 Cafe & Atrium Stages

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2019 Storytelling Stage

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2019 World Stage Dance Groups

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